Friday, 29 June 2012


Doodling on my I Pad


I was going through some of the old pictures i had backed up on my hard drive before my computer crashed and came across a photo shoot i did last year for  my friend Anyah! The shoot was to promote some of the designs from her upcoming clothing company "BLACK VIVIANO" You can follow her page on twitter to find out more about her Fashion line! Anyway here are the pictures from the shoot! enjoy 


Ive wanted to post my COLLEGE PORTFOLIO up for a while, but my laptop fell down, 2 months ago and i lost EVERYTHING! So i had to make a request for my school to send it back to me digitally. So here it is. BTW i got into SCAD! and ill be enrolling at the Atlanta Campus this fall! So yeah enjoy, comment and criticize if u may! 

PS. It consists of a range of art mediums: Photography, Paintings, drawings, Logo designs, Poster designs, and some random digital art!

Thursday, 28 June 2012

I'm back!

Its been about 8 months since i started this blog and quite obviously i have been anything but committed to it :P but things are certainly going to change. Just graduated from High school and off to college in August. Which means i have the whole summer to be "aimless".  I'm determined to keep myself busy this summer. I have a lot to do and have already done a lot of work that i have not bothered posting. So hopefully this blog will become more interesting! :)

here are some new new pics and graphics i did to try and revamp this blog in a 3D Retro style! What do u think. Criticisms are much appreciated.