Sunday, 24 March 2013

Le Sape 2. Album cover

As A continuation of our Design Project we had to develop our ideas and create an album cover for an imaginary client. the cover had to be based on research on your culture, your concept word, a real song by a client and a title and we had to explain extensively every single step of the process and why we chose the culture and client. My design was very african inspired as my culture was the le sape subculture. my concept word was 'Sophisticated' so i tied that in with my explanation and research of the culture. My client was a sick south African DJ 'Black Coffee' and the song i chose from him was 'We are One'. the Liveliness and Africanism in the song is supposed to be reflected in my design as well as my concept and culture. I came up with a title for the album and concept titled 'Damiant dans la Ruguex (Diamond in the Rough) I would explain what exactly that has to do with everythoing but that would take forever. i literally wrote a one page essay explaining it for this project. Anyway here are some images of my outcome

PS this has been by far the most fun project.  Loving SCAD so far. and my Color Theory professor was so sweet. a bit of a hippie too.

Oh i forgot to mention that my design was also based upon a drawing i did over a year ago that was coincidentally very relatable to the project.

After that we had to design the packaging of the album and the CD label

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